Accelerate Your Online Program Creation with these ChatGPT Prompts


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In this free guide, I'll give you the EXACT prompts to help you:


Know Your Client Inside Out

Knowing and understanding WHO your online program is for (your dream client!) can be like finding the perfect pair of shoes online—tricky, but oh-so rewarding when you get it right. With some clever Chat GPT prompts, you'll learn to spot what they really want and need. It's about getting that 'aha' moment that tells you exactly who you're talking to and what they're all about.


Outline Your Program Like a Pro

Think of this as your favorite recipe, but instead of a delicious cake, it's your online program. I'll show you how to mix your knowledge into a program that's as easy to follow as your grandma's secret pancake recipe. You'll whip up a structured, engaging course that feels like a weekend brunch—enjoyable and fulfilling.


Nail the Perfect Program Name

Choosing a name for your program shouldn't be like a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We'll use Chat GPT to brainstorm names that are clear, catchy, and convey the heart of what you're offering. It's about making sure your program stands out in a crowd, in a good way.


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You + These FREE Prompts = Your Online Program Launched Without the Overwhelm!


Does the idea of packaging your therapy skills into a digital format seem as daunting as organizing a bookshelf by color during an earthquake?

Or maybe you're thinking, "If only there were a few more hours in the day, I could tackle this online course thing..."

Either way, these prompts will guide you step-by-step to craft your program, connect with your audience, and start building that additional income stream – all with the ease and speed you never thought possible!

Wave Goodbye 👋 to Overwhelm and Hello to Your Online Program!

  • With this guide, you'll finally get to know your dream client as well as your closest friend, setting the stage for a program they can't wait to sign up for.
  • Crafting your program's outline will feel like filling in the blanks of the easiest pop quiz ever – you'll nail it without breaking a sweat.
  • And when it comes to naming your program? You'll be hitting the sweet spot with a title so spot-on, it'll feel like it was always meant to be.

Hi there! It's Hayley...


I can't wait to jump in and help you breeze through creating your online program this year.

The ChatGPT prompts in this guide? They're the same ones that me and my team use to build and refine our signature online program, The Incubator, which has generated half a million dollars to date. They're also the same prompts I teach my students, and now, I'm handing them over to you.

Think of this guide as your co-pilot. Whether you're struggling for time or finding yourself stuck in the dreaded "too-many-idea-itis", these prompts are all about making things happen. They're practical, they're powerful, and they're going to help you turn your vision into a tangible online program, FAST.

So let's roll up our sleeves and start shaping your future, one prompt at a time. Ready to dive in?

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