Therapists, you can increase your impact, evolve your career, and experience more work satisfaction!


Learn your Therapist Archetype, and unlock a personalized plan with your next career steps.



The Therapist Archetype quiz will:

  • Unlock your unique Therapist Archetype and how you can leverage your strengths and passions in the next season of your wRevealork
  • Provide you with a workbook filled with career advice, practical steps and reflection prompt for your exact Therapist Archetype.

There is no one career trajectory or single way of serving, for a Therapist. How exciting!

While many love working in the ‘Therapy Chair’, more and more Therapists are choosing to look ‘outside the box’ and explore different ways of using their skills and having an impact.

While the traditional therapy path is the perfect fit for some, others crave having more impact/freedom/abundance/creative flexibility/[insert your own desire here]. 

There is no right or wrong place to sit on this spectrum, and there are many roads forward for each and every Therapist.

The inspiration and joy you can feel in your work is limitless, and connecting with your unique Therapist Archetype will help you shift the way you’re working and/or move your career forward, in a way that inspires and excites you!


Introducing the five Therapist Archetypes

Each archetype has its own strengths and desires, and a unique career path it needs to follow, in order to work and grow in an aligned way (which doesn’t always involve staying put in the ‘Therapy Chair’ full-time just FYI!)

The Satisfied Therapist

Loves being a Therapist and being of service to their clients

The Exhausted Therapist

Is exhausted and may have fallen a little (or maybe even a lot!) out of love with therapy

The Big Dreaming Therapist

Has big hopes, dreams, and ideas, but has no time to make them happen

The Visionary


Wants to move away from traditional therapy and has brought an offering to life … it just didn’t sell as well as they’d hoped

The Emerging Entrepreneurial Therapist

Has started making moves away from the ‘Therapy Chair’ and started a non-clinical business


Meet your quiz creator and fellow Therapist!

Hi 👋, I’m Dr. Hayley Kelly, the Founder of Therapists Rising!

I'm a Clinical Psychologist who has 12 years of experience and a Ph.D. and a Masters, a Board-approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, and an ICF-accredited Coach…

Turned 6 figure, happier-than-ever entrepreneur. 

I help Therapists, like you, take everything they love about their jobs (like making an impact!) and up the ante on their work satisfaction and joy. 

I can't wait for your Therapist Archetype to be revealed, so you can experience the same overflowing contentment I now feel in my work - and that so many members of our Therapists Rising community now feel in their work - day in and day out!

Are you ready to step into the next evolution of your career so you can impact more people’s lives and experience more work satisfaction?

A personalised plan for your archetype is just one step away!