Therapists, are you ready to cut back on your 1:1 work (without decreasing your income!), and serve people in a new way in 2024?  

Join the revolution of innovative therapists who are increasing their revenue, reclaiming their time, and extending their reach, all by leveraging the power of online programs. 

Find out if an online program aligns with your skills, experience, goals and values and learn your next personalised step to get started.


The online program market is projected to jump from its current 400 Billion USD worth to a whopping 1 TRILLION USD by 2032.


 Innovative therapists are taking advantage of this opportunity and moving from…
Trading time for dollars➡️multiplying their income without having to increase their work hours  
Work-life imbalance➡️more time with their loved ones


Serving one person at a time➡️having a massive impact of lots of people’s lives


Exhausting hours ➡️ crafting their own flexible schedule
Stress and burnout ➡️ enjoyment and health
Overflowing caseloads ➡️ sustainable ways of working.



Meet your quiz creator and fellow Therapist!

Hi 👋, I’m Dr. Hayley Kelly, the Founder of Therapists Rising!

Before this? I was a burnt-out psychologist who struggled to make ends meet … until I discovered the gift that is online programs.

Without one word of a lie, creating online programs changed my life. Not only were they my road to financial freedom, they were also my road to inner fulfilment, impact, meaning and deeper relationships with my family.

I want this for all you too, which is why I created Therapists Rising and now support therapists to step away from the 1:1 clinical hamster wheel that keeps your income and impact capped and forces you to work in a rigid ‘box’, and create an additional income stream, and make your own working rules, with an online program.

Using my proven framework, I teach therapists the exact steps they need to take to easily and easefully leverage their experience and skills to create and sell a successful online program.

Learn if an online program is right for you and your future goals, and find out your next personalised step to get started.

All you need is 2 minutes!