The Incubator 


Learn our proven pathway for creating, launching and selling a profitable online program as a therapist.

Created by therapists for therapists who want to quickly and easefully diversify their income streams, by repackaging the education and experience they already have.




Our last intake SOLD OUT within mere hours. 


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to evolve beyond the 1:1 Therapy Chair and create an additional income stream that supports you to earn more money, and reclaim your time and freedom.

Evolve beyond the restrictive ‘Therapy Chair’, diversify your income, and make a bigger impact


Playing Small to Super Visionary

"Prior to the Incubator I had created services, but struggled with getting new subscribers. I had no clue how to prioritise tasks and desired to find a sustainable way to market an online resource. The Incubator gave me business clarity but mostly it me thinking differently - I now see myself as a business owner and entrepreneur. I feel connected to my why and a part of something greater." 

Tiffany Rochester - Psychologist & Coach


Clarity & Confidence Queen!

"I finally nailed my niche and  my confidence has skyrocketed. I also created and sold my signature coaching package for elite athletes. Best of all I'm now developing a reputation and brand in multiple elite sports organisations."

Dr Natasha Davison - Psychologist & High-Performance Coach



Working herself into the ground to fulfilling her life's mission

"Before the Incubator I thought the way to have what I wanted in life and business was to work harder and have better to-do lists... except for the fact that I was tired and had no energy to actually do either of those things! I have now made the necessary changes in my business to be able to finally take steps toward the dream I've been holding on to for so long!"

Michelle Davey - Clinical Psychologist


Frustrated to Life Changing

"Before the Incubator I felt like I was going around in circles, not actually progressing AND I had spent a lot of money on training and other business courses, without much to show for it. Now, my confidence has now soared, and I launched my first course supporting women, the proceeds of which support girls in Cambodia to stay in school and avoid the sex trafficking trade."

Alison Dougall - Psychologist, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach for women


"Prior to the Incubator I was doing everything I thought I should be doing to make my business work - and I had no idea why it wasn’t! I felt defeated and like giving up.

The Incubator helped me create a compelling and sellable offer and I ran my first pilot program.

Not only has my business grown, I’ve grown as a person too. I’m now showing up for myself and my dreams, and am more confident and courageous than ever before. 

I’d had terrible experiences with group coaching in the past, and the Incubator helped me heal these wounds and move forward in my life and career. I can’t think of anything I would change about my experience!"

Rachelle Mattherson




"I’d tried other business courses before the Incubator, but nothing helped and I was doubting whether or not I could start a successful and profitable online business using my experience and skills as a Therapist. Now I see just how possible it is!

I’ve already had participants through the pilot of my signature program and have seen the benefits it’s had on their lives. I can see the potential I have to help so many more women, and continue to grow my business well into the future. 

There’s nothing I’d change about my experience in the Incubator - the quality and value of the content is second to none and it’s the perfect path towards successfully launching your non-clinical business." 

Alison Dougall


"Therapist Rising is a brilliant business coaching program for any Therapist looking to step out of the ‘Therapy Chair’ and discover a new way of working that’s hugely beneficial for their clients AND is in alignment with values of freedom, creativity and abundance!

My intention for joining the Incubator was to re-lay the foundations of my business - and that I did!

I loved that the Incubator was tailored to Health Professionals (I’d joined other more general business building programs in the past!), and the community rocked!"

Lauren Tober


Diehard perfectionist to embracing the messy middle

"Before the Incubator, I was paralysed by the need to perfect... now, I can fully embrace the messy middle, and take imperfect action toward my dreams!"

Brooke Andrews - Clinical Psychologist & Certified Applied Neuroscience Practitioner


Disorganised to Clarity

"Before the Incubator, I struggled with a cluttered mind and I wasn't sure how to prioritise my time or to-do list. Now, I have so much more clarity, I feel so positive and so motivated. The Incubator helped in so many diverse ways - especially with things I didn't realise were blocks to moving forward." 

Lisa Johnson - Psychologist & Coach


Unhappy to Empowered

"Previous to joining the Incubator I owned a successful multidisciplinary clinic. But I was unhappy and my self-confidence was not great. The Incubator helped me build self-confidence and I have grown so much this year - more than I could have ever imagined! "

Dr. Nat Green - Psychologist, Money Mindset Coach